Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruthie's first birthday

On Saturday 15th October, we celebrated Ruthie’s first birthday at the teamhouse.
Alina and Robbie (her parents) invited several of their close friends, ie.many of our kids from the Transition houses and all the staff to join them in their celebrations. Robbie gave an emotional speech about how thankful he is for his wife and daughter, many friends and H2H family. We ate pizza and cake – Ruthie really enjoyed that part and was the entertainment of the day. She loves to dance to music and was so cute and joined in clapping and saying “bravo” whenever the music stopped.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A new school year

This month, we started our ministries again after the summer break.

This year, at one of the orphanages, in addition to 7 of the 10 kids who were receiving instrumental lessons and in the band last year, there are 4 new members, one on trumpet, one on percussion, one baritone saxophone and one on clarinet. There are also 3 general music classes and a new guitar class.

At the other orphanage as well as 4 general music classes, 4 of the older girls are learning the clarinet and one of the older boys is learning the keyboard. It is going to be a very busy but exciting year!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Wonderful Holiday in America

After the busy summer ministry, we were ready for a break and were invited to San Diego for a very special wedding. As we have made many good friends in different parts of America through teams and former H2H staff, Jen, Jenny and I decided to stay a little longer make a holiday of it. We started in New York and stayed there for 3 days visiting “The 2 Sarahs”. We just missed the hurricane by a couple of days – although there was an earthquake while we were there, but I didn’t actually feel anything!! It worked in our favour though, as a few hours after it happened we went to the Empire State Building and there was no queue!! We also visited various places in California such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco, as well as driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, staying at Monterey and Cambria on the way. We stayed with various H2H friends and had great fun, lots of new experiences and far too much to eat! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful hospitality. The Saturday before we came back to Romania, was the wedding. We arrived back from our travels to Ramona on the Wednesday and helped with the preparations. The day itself was lovely, amazing sunshine, delicious food and of course a very beautiful bride. Congratulations John Thomas Sorrels and Marinela. May God bless your new life together.