Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have just celebrated Easter and I had a lot of fun telling the kids the reason we celebrate Easter and doing fun activities and crafts related to it. They painted eggs, made Easter baskets which they used to collect the eggs filled with sweets which were hidden around the orphanage grounds, made cross bookmarks etc as well as watching skits about Jesus’ ride on the donkey into Jerusalem and a monologue about Barabbas and how he felt being about being replaced by Jesus on the cross. We also had a meal and egg hunt for the graduates of our Transition house programmes after church on Easter Sunday which was attended by 60 people including graduates, their children, the Canada team and H2H staff.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Concert Season

Earlier last week, the band and dance class from the Orphanage went on a field trip to a school in the centre of Bucharest to perform to the kids there. There was great excitement as we loaded up the vans and set on our way. In the front/middle of the van, a couple of the kids were singing Worship songs, others were singing Romanian pop music and 2 kids in the back were practicing their clarinet parts as I was trying to navigate my way through the Bucharest traffic! As we arrived we were greeted by one of the teachers and some of the kids and taken into a room where the kids had some cakes and juice before entering the hall where they were to perform. Smartly dressed they set up their music stands and instruments and after only a “minor disaster” (someone lost their music) they started to play. This was their “first public performance” and whilst they were very nervous, they handled the situation very well and I hope this will be the first of many! After the performance they played a football match with the kids at the school we were visiting. Guess who won!?! They ate some more and then visited an Art Museum around the corner before heading back to the Orphanage totally exhausted!
Later in the week, they performed again for a group who came to visit form the airport and this week they performed again – and were filmed for a programme on Romanian televison. They were so excited and nervous and having waited in the beautiful sunshine for 3 and a half hours, eventually the cameras arrived and they began to play. I only hope they get to see themselves on TV. It would really help their confidence and motivate them to aspire to greater things.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

getting creative

Recently in one of the general music classes at the orphanage, the children have been learning to “create” their own music. M is a young boy with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour who completed the task of creating a musical sound picture – all his own work. Here is the result – don’t you just love his concentration and the huge smile of satisfaction at the end! I do!


One of the many pleasures I have working in this ministry, is going to the baby hospital and having lots of opportunities to cuddle and play with all the babies there. Some of them are abandoned because their parents can’t afford to look after them, some have illnesses or disabilities which the families can’t or don’t want to deal with and others are simply not wanted. It is fun getting to know their little personalities and seeing their faces when you walk and they recognise you, but the hard part is when you walk in and the baby you have been building a special bond with has suddenly gone and you realise you will maybe never get to see them again. That has happened a lot lately. Babies are not staying as long. This can be a good thing as they are moved to foster care or other institutions which have better facilities to look after them. I find myself wondering how they are and if they are being well looked after. I miss them, but I have to remember that they belong to the Heavenly Father and He is going to take care of them, I have to let go and leave them in His care.