Saturday, June 30, 2012

Winding down!!

June is the end of the school year and traditionally the time we are supposed to be winding down.
The band practiced frantically to perform at the end of school award ceremony, the older kids in music classes had a demonstration and a try of some of the band instruments that some of them will have the opportunity to learn after the summer. The younger kids had fun making and decorating a variety of musical instruments including, shakers and guitars out of elastic bands, empty tissue boxes and paper plates etc.  then the end of year parties began. The general music classes each had their parties with music games like musical statues and musical bumps etc. aswell as music board games like musical snakes and ladders and the band kids got to come to the teamhouse and have a pool and pizza party.
We also had a pool party for the older kids from the youth groups in the2 Bucharest orphanages and the orphanages for Rosiori De Vede.
 Our homemade guitars!!

 Musical bumps!!

 One of our musical board games

 Making tie - dye T shirts at the pool party!

 making beaded jewellery at the pool party!

Chaos in the pool - guess where?? You guessed it! The pool party