Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another reward trip

The following day, the other 2 classes (younger kids) had their reward trip. We took them to MacDonalds. They all got to choose which happy meal they wanted and for some this was a very difficult decision! After munching our way through hamburger, chicken nuggets and so on and checking out each others “toys”, they had fun playing and got rid of some of their energy on the activity area outside. The weather was pretty chilly, so after a while we headed back to the vans and went to Snagov (the girls house), where we watched “Brave”, coloured in and ate popcorn before heading back home.

A trip to the cinema

This year I decided to do something different for a reward trip and took the orchestra kids and older music class to the cinema during the spring break.
I didn’t tell them where we were going until they were in the vans and there was great excitement as they learned that we were going to the cinema to see a 3D film. For a lot of them it was their first time to the cinema and for all of them their first time seeing a 3D film with the “funny glasses” on.
We arrived at the mall where the cinema is and all the kids had fun going round the revolving doors (several times) and then trying to walk  down the escalator which was going up. We had a bit of time to spare before the film started and wandered around the shops. Guess where we ended up – yes the mobile phone shops and the Nike store!!
Thanks to Cristi in our church, we got the tickets for free, which made the day even better!! After the cinema we ate Pizzahut before returning to the orphanage.

A Birthday Party

On the Friday of scoala altfel, we celebrated the birthdays of the kids who had birthdays in March or April. They were each given a cake with a candle on it and after we sang happy birthday to them, they made a wish and blew out their candle and the best bit was they got to eat the whole cake!
We then played a game similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but instead it was pin the candle on the cake, which caused great hilarity.
Then after receiving and opening their gifts they watched a Garfield movie together to finish off the party.

A different kind of school

Last week was scoala altfel (which means – a different kind of school), where the children have different opportunities to learn about subjects they have not had the chance to learn about before or learn about subjects in a different way. I had the opportunity to teach science (obviously no-one knew that the
last science experiment I did ended up with me having to completely redecorate my bedroom as a teenager after the walls, carpet and bedclothes were covered in a bright orange goo!!) However, I am glad to say that this time was much more successful. We made invisible ink and wrote secret messages, blew up balloons with fizz in a bottle, we mixed different coloured paints and shaving cream in plastic bags to make new colours, made elephant toothpaste and even made our own slime! The kids loved it and although we made a lot of mess, I think they learned something and will remember it for a long time to come.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Musicians in the making!

At one of orphanages the 1st graders have been learning about instruments of the orchestra. Each week we learned about a different family of the orchestra. The youngsters watched a demonstration of an instrument, saw and listened to clips of others instruments from that family and then got the chance to try  the instrument for themselves. I think we may have some young musicians in the making!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Parties, Presents and Performances

Christmas may be over but the memories will last a lifetime!

For us Christmas started in November, when we made angel Christmas cards, using handprints - very messy, but a lot of fun.

On December 6th we had our first performance and party at Peris, where the audience was treated to some Christmas carols sung by the choir, played by the band and soloists and handbell group and some ballet and hip hop performances too! After this, all the kids joined in some Christmas games and decorated "cookies" (which were soon devoured), before settling down to watch a Christmas film with popcorn and hot chocolate.


On the 8th December, we had another party and film at Voluntari.


On the 15th December, Alpha Omega church gave a party for some of the music kids. The kids  performed once again before being treated to some Romanian food - Sarmale (pork filled cabbage rolls) and prajiture (Romanian cakes). After a few games, they each recieved presents before having to return to the orpahange.


On Christmas day, the "boys" and "girls" from the Transition Houses, some of our graduates and staff celebrated Christmas at the teamhouse.


Over the Christmas period, we also visited several orpahanges to deliver over 600 Christmas presents.


The fun didn't stop there.  At New Year, some of our graduates, the Transition House "girls" and "boys", staff and our holiday team saw in the New Year together, with a meal, dancing, chatting and watching the many fireworks around Pipera and beyond.


A great end to 2012 and great start to 2013. I wish you all a Happy, Healthy 2013 with God's richest blessings.