Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Diana is the cutest conductor I have ever seen. She is only 6 and everyday I am at the orphanage she wants to stay in my music class. She has obviously been in listening carefully at the band rehearsals and yesterday during private lessons she decided she wanted to be the conductor. (We had been doing conducting lessons with some of the classes last week – although not with her class). She put on the very large conductors jacket and with baton in hand decided to conduct Jen, the other pupils and me. She was so serious and at the end said “Bravo Copii!” (Well done children!). She is just too cute for her own good!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun times a the orphanages

As well as the usual music programmes, I have spent some extra fun time this month at one of the orphanages we work in. W e spent time one Saturday colouring in, making bracelets and playing games with the kids and the Mission Possible team. As the baby hospital was still under quarantine, I was unable to go to and work with the babies, so I went to the gradinita (nursery) class instead and made crafts, read stories etc. I love spending time with these kids but I am looking forward to going back to feeding, changing and playing with the babies again soon.

Girls sleepover

Last week some of our girl graduates and a few of the older girls from one of the orphanages came to spend the night at the teamhouse. When they arrived we ate together and then we all changed into our pyjamas and started the “minute to win it” games. There was a lot of competition and friendly rivalry between “The Angels” and “Faith” (the two teams chose the names themselves). After the games were over we settled down with some popcorn and snacks to watch “The Last Song” . This ended about 12.30am and some of the girls went to bed, but some decided to watch a second film!! The next morning, after getting some sleep, we ate pancakes for breakfast before the girls left.

staff training

Towards the end of last month, the H2H staff participated in staff training. Roe and Jim from California came to lead us in bible studies, discussions on how to be a good mentor and developing our strengths as part of a team, just to mentions a few of the topics. We also had fun in our small teams, as each night one of the teams would prepare a meal for the other staff using only the ingredients given. The first night we had Mexican, the second we had Italian and the third (my team) was Chinese. I must have made at least 100 pancake rolls – some turned out better than others. One evening we had a “Bunco” gamesnight and another evening we all took part in a mini scavenger hunt at the shopping plaza which ended up with an ice cream or starbucks! We learned a lot about ourselves and the other staff and we had fun together too!

H2H Staff chillin' out!

After our mini scavenger hunt - having some well earned ice cream!

The masterchefs!

Let the cooking begin!

One of our workshops.

What are our ingredients!