Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scoala Altfel - a different kind of school

On Monday, we went to Rosiori de Vede with the Kiwanas team and after a lovely Romanian lunch with the boys at the Boys Transition House, we went to the forest. The H2H missionaries who work there, have been teaching the children in Rosiori about life in other countries and most recently America, so we used this opportunity for the Kiwanas team to tell the children a little information about sport and life in America and then the children made various “American” themed crafts.

Some of our boys presently in the BTH, staff and team members

Some of our American themes activities and crafts

A couple of our kids wearing their "American hats"

On Tuesday, we went to one of the orphanages (P) in the outskirts of Bucharest that we work in. They were learning through a puppet show about how to look after your teeth. After this the children made some crafts outside.

The puppet show

More crafts

On Wednesday the P band and dance class performed to the school and the team. They all did very well. Even a couple of new band members who have only been playing a few were able to join in.

On Thursday, in the afternoon we had 4 stations at P. All the kids had about 30 minutes at each station. The stations were Music, where they learned some melodies on Boomwhackers, Dance, where they learned some dance moves from different genres, Photography where they learned a bit about how to use a camera and Baking, where they made chocolate crispie cakes.

Having fun with the boomwhackers

On Friday, we took some of the Art class to the village museum. We walked around looking at the different types of houses from different parts of Romania and from different periods in history and the kids had to choose there favourite house, answer some questions about it and draw it. Later we sat near the lake and they made bookmarks and other fun crafts before heading back to the orphanage. It was a really fun week.

As near as I'll ever get to wearing the Romanian National costume!

How did she get in there?

Don't think they'll get very far!

I don't think her mouth is quite big enough!

This is the house he is drawing.

Some of the crafts we made

Christ is risen!