Saturday, April 16, 2011


One of the many pleasures I have working in this ministry, is going to the baby hospital and having lots of opportunities to cuddle and play with all the babies there. Some of them are abandoned because their parents can’t afford to look after them, some have illnesses or disabilities which the families can’t or don’t want to deal with and others are simply not wanted. It is fun getting to know their little personalities and seeing their faces when you walk and they recognise you, but the hard part is when you walk in and the baby you have been building a special bond with has suddenly gone and you realise you will maybe never get to see them again. That has happened a lot lately. Babies are not staying as long. This can be a good thing as they are moved to foster care or other institutions which have better facilities to look after them. I find myself wondering how they are and if they are being well looked after. I miss them, but I have to remember that they belong to the Heavenly Father and He is going to take care of them, I have to let go and leave them in His care.

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