Sunday, July 22, 2012

We are the champions!

This summer, our theme for day camps was the Olympic Games. The 2 days were spilt into 3 sessions with the afternoon of day 2 allocated as pool time!
The 3 sessions were; “I am a good sport”, the lesson I taught about having a good attitude, session 2; “I am a champion” about running the Christian race and session 3; “I am forgiven”, about salvation and how to receive this prize.
Each session was packed with intersting stories, information and discussions and fun activities like crafts, songs, memory verse challenges and loads of games and as it was in the 90’s we had a lot of games involving water and water balloons!

At the opening ceremony, each orphanage was split into 5 countries - my team was Australia - we coloured in the flags, made up a team chant and paraded with the flags as we chanted - each team trying to chant chant louder than the team infront!!

 Being put into our teams!

 Making sport photo frames at one of the day camps.

 One of the fun games!

 He might Olympic gold at the games in 2016!

 Session one - Corni and I teaching the lesson on having a good attitiude.

 The first boy caught having a good attitiude got to hold the Olympic mascot for a while!

 More fun in the pool

 Boat races - come on teams!

 Bowling - good shot!

 Competition time - which team can put the memory verse in order first?

 Some of the finished photos frames

Our youngest competitor with his medal at the closing ceremony - too cute!

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