Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last week was Easter in Romania. After church on the Sunday, most of the graduates, our current girls, a small team from America and the Heart to Heart staff celebrated at the Team House. We had a meal together and an Easter egg hunt in the garden of the Team House. On Easter morning before church, the staff hid loads of eggs, some painted, real eggs, some small plastic ones filled fill sweets and some small plastic ones filled with tasks which, if completed they would receive points for. The points could be redeemed at the “h2h store” for items such as bedding, toiletries etc. These graduates are in their 20’s and a few even early 30’s, although you would have though they were teenagers. The competition was so strong and the cheating, well……. I have to say as they returned the real eggs to me – I went around hiding them again!!

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