Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Director

Since returning to Romania after my furlough, our prayers have been answered, in that the old Director of the orphanage has been removed and we have a new man who really wants the best for the kids. He has already made a lot of changes – for the better. The kids really like and respect him and he is very willing to work closely alongside with Heart to Heart. Praise God for this answer to prayer. One of the good things he has done so far, is to celebrate the kids’ birthdays. Every month there will be a celebration, a party with all the kids and staff present and all the kids whose birthday is that month will get gifts. The first one was last month and all the Heart to Heart staff were invited. We all sang “Happy Birthday” in English and Romanian to the birthday kids, ate lunch, had cake and “hung out” together. It was a lovely day and some of the kids who don’t know when their birthdays are, were given a date on which their birthday will be celebrated. The orphanage now has a much more organised and happy atmosphere.

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  1. Kirsteen I am so happy that things are going so well!!! God Bless your ministry there and may God's Blessing be over the kids and staff!!! I miss you!!!
    Lindsey Toma