Friday, February 3, 2012

A Romanian, American, Scottish Burns supper!

After being back from furlough for a week and still in Scottish mode, I organised a Burns supper with my team to celebrate the life and work of Robert Burns, probably the most famous Scottish poet. We had all traditional speeches, I gave the Immortal Memory, Mark gave “the Toast to the Lassies” and Hayley the reply. Ghita carried in the Haggis to “Scotland the Brave” played on the bagpipes via the computer!! Maybe the first time in history that the Haggis has been carried in by a Romanian!! Americans and Romanians alike tried some Haggis along with mince, tatties and peas followed by bannocks and cheese, shortbread and tablet. After the speeches and letting food go down, I tried to teach them some Scottish dances. Hilarious!! “The Gay Gordons” proved a bit too complicated for some, so then we tried the “St. Bernard’s Waltz” and “The Dashing White Sergeant”, both of which seemed to be a bit easier. Two of our boys (graduates) were outside shovelling snow, but managed to finish just in time to learn “The Dashing White Sergeant”. It took some gentle persuasion, but once they got in full swing – there was no stopping them!!


  1. How exciting! I wish I could have been there for that. I'm so excited that you finally got to celebrate your own culture!!!!

  2. Thanks Dorothy wish you could have been here too!